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Financial Conflict of Interest on Federal Grants Policy Revised!

  The Financial Conflict of Interest on Federal Grants Policy (FCOI) has been
  revised to reduce administrative burden on researchers.

  Under the new policy, effective April 15, 2014, FCOI disclosure forms will
  only be required on federal grant proposals where the funding agency
  requires a disclosure.  So proposals submitted to NIH, for instance, will still
  require a disclosure to be filed, but proposals to other federal agencies may
  no longer require a disclosure.

  Last year, OSPA processed more than 400 FCOI disclosure forms, many for
  proposals to federal agencies that did not require a disclosure.  This was
  consistent with the University FCOI policy adopted in 2012, which required
  disclosures for proposals to any federal agency.  The revised policy will, in
  many situations, reduce the number of disclosures that researchers will
  need to complete.

  Questions related to the requirement for disclosures on any particular grant
  proposal should be directed to the OSPA Research Project Specialist
  assisting with the proposal. 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Launches a Demo Site. For more information
  click here.

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FY2014 STATS through the month of May 2014

• 531 Proposals have been submitted representing $137.6 million in
  requested funding.

• 382 Awards received to date representing $56.7 million in funding.

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