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OSPA Mission Statement (PDF)


OSPA is a unit of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research that facilitates and promotes research and sponsored project activities broadly within SIUC. We are the official University department through which faculty and staff submits external grant proposals and receive external grant awards.

OSPA also:

  • Assist faculty and researchers to find funding opportunities for their research.
  • Provide a wide variety of services throughout the Grants Lifecycle to support our research community.
  • Facilitate and guide on Grants Proposal Development Budget Preparation etc.
  • Represent the university to review, approve, and submit grant proposals externally.
  • Responsible for negotiations and acceptance of all Sponsored Agreements.
  • Administer all Extramural Grants and Contracts awarded to the university.
  • Manage all Post-Award Administration including but not limited to:
    • Award Setups
    • Accounting and Reporting
    • Cash and Revenue Management
    • Subrecipient / Subcontracts Management
    • Award Modifications
    • Award Closeouts
  • Manage All Grants Audits.

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