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WHAT does OSPA do?

Welcome to the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. We are here to assist you with the grant process from proposal preparation and submission to award acceptance. The following is information that will help you to navigate this process.

  • offer grant-related workshops to faculty and students
  • provide consultation on grant proposal preparation
  • review grant proposal budgets
  • review, sign, and submit grant proposals to external agencies
  • negotiate award agreements and coordinate account set-up
  • set up subcontracts
  • handle post-award administrative matters such as budget revisions and no-cost extensions
  • administer several internal funding programs
  • administer REACH, SIUC's undergraduate research program
  • coordinate research compliances (human subjects, animal care, etc.)
  • administer centralized research support facilities
  • assist with grant audits
  • maintain a grants database and provide reports of grants activity

WHEN should I contact OSPA?

  • When you have identified a Grant Program to which you wish to apply (but no later than one week before the agency deadline)
  • When you plan to participate as a sub-awardee on another institution’s grant proposal (before the proposal is submitted to the funding agency)
  • When you have been contacted by a potential funder to provide a research-related service (before agreeing to anything)
  • If you receive a grant agreement, contract or other legally binding document to perform research for a funding agency
  • When you have questions about the proposal submission and award acceptance process

WHO do I contact?

OSPA Staff

Sonjie Schwartz, Interim Director, 453-4541, Woody A-318
Ashley Matzenbacher, Senior Research Development Specialist, 453-4542, Woody A-302
Kelly Alongi, Research Project Specialist, 453-4556, Woody A-304
Mandy King, Research Compliance Coordinator, 453-4530, Woody A-322
Karen Rowland, Program Services Aide, 453-4533, Woody A-321
Wendy Preece, Administrative Assistant, 453-4524, Woody A-316

Proposal Development and Submission:

Contact OSPA, 453-4540, Woody Hall A-311

Non-Financial Grant Management:(Award Negotiation, Acceptance, Award Modification, Subcontracts/Audits,  etc.)



Animal Research, Human Subjects Research, Responsible Conduct of Research, Export Control,
Financial Conflict of Interest

Mandy King, Research Compliance Coordinator, 453-4530, Woody A-322

Grant & Contract Accounting:

Shirley Castle, Supervisor, Grant & Contract Accounting, 536-2646, Woody Hall A-320
Kay King, Grant Accountant, 536-2642, Woody Hall B-338
Norma Mitchell, Grant Accountant, 453-3601, Woody Hall B-335
Shelley Perez, Grant Accountant, 453-4536, Woody Hall B-339
Patti Diggle, Grant Accountant, 453-4535, Woody Hall B-331

WHY do I need OSPA?

All research universities have a central office to oversee sponsored projects (grants and contracts). Grants and contracts are legal agreements for which each university's governing board is liable; consequently, one office on campus is designated to submit grant proposals and accept grant awards on faculty members' behalf. At SIUC, that office is OSPA. Central oversight also is needed to make sure that grants and other research activities comply with federal, state, and University regulations and policies. This "compliance burden" on universities is ever-growing, and irregularities have caused serious problems in recent years for institutions ranging from the University of Minnesota to Johns Hopkins.

HOW do I find out more about OSPA?