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FY 19 Graduate Assistant Stipend Schedule

Effective immediately, the Graduate Assistant Stipend Schedule has been updated for FY 19.  These rates are effective July 1, 2018.  Please use the new rates when preparing budgets that include graduate assistants.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Faculty and staff are reminded that any projects involving  the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) must comply with all relevant government and University regulations.  Any use of an UAS  for a University or grant supported project, whether or not on campus property, is prohibited prior to receiving appropriate approvals.  To allow the necessary time to gather any required federal certifications or approvals, researchers are encouraged to contact SIUC’s Plant and Service UAV Operations office as early as possible.

Changes to the Graduate Assistant Primary Care Fee

Effective immediately, the Graduate Assistant Primary Care Fee structure has been replaced with a per credit hour, Student Medical Benefit Fee.   You will be required to include the new SMB fee in your budget for each graduate assistant following these new guidelines.  Please review the guidelines carefully to make sure you are budgeting appropriately. 

NIH Application Submission/Resubmission Policy

Consolidation and clarification concerning submission and resubmission of applications for grants and cooperative agreements.

Submission of NSF Application via

The proposal preparation and submission site is now available for full, research non-collaborative proposals.