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Research project specialists (RPS) must review a draft budget prepared on the OSPA budget spreadsheet; see the link below.  This can help you ensure that the budget will conform to University fiscal policies, reducing or eliminating the need for last-minute revisions. Draft budgets should be sent (preferably via email) to your RPS at least ten full business days before the proposal deadline.  All final proposal budgets must be reviewed at OSPA before the institutional signature can be obtained and the proposal submitted to the agency.

The budget should reflect the principle of "best-effort" work within the specified time frame. Once the budget becomes part of an award agreement, it represents a legal commitment. Every budget expense must be supported by the proposal narrative. When you write your budget justification, you will need to refer back to the proposal to justify how you arrived at your budget figures: why given personnel are needed at the percentages indicated, how new equipment will be used, why you are requesting the amounts you are for travel, supplies, etc.

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