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Current SIUC Employees

Check with your OSPA Research Project Specialist for current monthly salary information for any participating SIUC employee.

Graduate Assistantship Salaries

GA Salary rates can be found in the link below.  A graduate assistant supported by an external grant is paid the rate of the unit of the principal investigator.  Units without established rates pay the rate of the unit in which the student is enrolled.

The standard graduate assistantship is one-half time (50%). OSPA budget spreadsheets should be set up to use the full-time (100%) rate at half-time (50% or 0.5) effort.

*The rates are estimates provided for budget purposes and are subject to change.  

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows are contracted through the Graduate School.  Effective March 1, 2016, the salary rates for Fellows will vary depending on the level agreed upon by the unit and the post-doctoral fellow, but at no less than the federal or state minimum wage, whichever is higher.  The current fringe benefit rate to be applied to a Fellow position is listed in the Fringe Benefit Rate schedule below.

Please make sure when hiring post-docs, to follow the guidelines listed on the Graduate School website and to use the updated Notice of Appointment and Change of Assignment forms.  

Fringe Benefit Rates

Fringe benefits must be budgeted in grants for all SIU personnel who have salary being charged to the grant. Standard fringe benefits are not budgeted for graduate assistants or student workers (see below).

SIUC’s Facilities & Administrative (F&A, or indirect) cost rates, set by the federal government, have now established all fringe benefit rates—medical (including health, dental, and life insurance) and retirement/Medicare—as a single percentage of salary.  The current Fringe Rate Agreement can be found here.







Extra Help




Graduate Students

50% of Primary Care Fee
See tables below.

Undergraduate Students


*This rate is effective for budget periods after June 30, 2018.  

Primary Care Fee

Principal Investigators/Project Directors also need to budget for their GA’s Primary Care Fee (PCF) for each semester the GA will be employed during the life of the grant.  The PCF cannot be prorated for a GA working a partial period of a semester. From consulting Student Health Services, OSPA’s best estimate of the relevant budget figures for proposals are reflected in the table below.

Primary Care Fee based on Semester:

Semester Year Total
Summer 2017 $68
Fall 2017 $117
Spring 2018 $117
Summer 2018 $70
Fall 2018 $120
Spring 2019 $120
Summer 2019 $72
Fall 2019 $124
Spring 2020 $124
Summer 2020 $74
Fall 2020 $128

Graduate Student Tuition  

Proposals that include salary support for graduate students may also include tuition if allowable by the sponsor.  Tuition information and rates can be found here.  A 3% increase should be budgeted for tuition included in future periods.   Tuition costs charged directly to a sponsored project are not subject to indirect costs (F&A).

Indirect Cost Rates


Type of Project

On-Campus Project Rate

Off-Campus Project Rate







Other Sponsored Activities



The current Indirect Cost Rate Agreement can be found here.