Proposal Checklist

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Whether the grant application will be submitted electronically or not, you will circulate a complete copy of the proposal (agency forms and OSPA budget) with a Proposal Checklist to your chair and dean for review and signatures, and then to OSPA for review and the final institutional signature.

The Proposal Checklist must be signed by the PI, by any co-principal investigators named on the project, and by the chairs and deans of these individuals before it can be signed at OSPA.

In addition, the Proposal Checklist must also be signed by faculty and staff contributing time (non-PI/PD personnel) to the project and by the appropriate chairs of these individuals.  OSPA may make exceptions on a case by case basis (e.g. positions located in 100% grant funded centers.)

If the proposal involves SIUC contributions outside the department and college, the person with fiscal authority for the contribution also must sign the checklist. Exception: If the Vice Chancellor for Research makes a commitment of matching funds, he will sign the Matching Funds Request Form; he does not sign the checklist.

OSPA provides the final review and the official institutional signature on the Proposal Checklist and the application itself for all grant/contract proposals. Contact your OSPA research project specialist if you have any questions about the form.