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The review/approval process applies to all grant/contract proposals. It also applies to preproposals or other preliminary grant applications, such as concept papers, if they involve budget figures or a commitment of University resources. Some noncompeting renewal grant applications also require institutional approval, depending on agency requirements; check the program guidelines.

OSPA Signature Authority

Grant proposals and awards are processed through the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration. (See the policy on Institutional Submission of Grant/Contract Application and Acceptance of Awards.) All grant proposals, whether electronic or hard-copy, must be reviewed and approved by OSPA before going (in draft or final form) to the funding agency. Only the OSPA director or an approved designee has institutional signature authority for the grant application.

Even when a funding agency's electronic system gives principal investigators (PIs) the authority to submit their own proposals, OSPA approval is required first. Likewise, proposals that do not require an institutional signature still must be approved by OSPA before the PI submits the proposal to the agency. This is also the case when SIUC is a subcontractor with another institution.

Proposal submission responsibilities:

It is always the responsibility of the principal investigator to assure that all requirements for submission of the proposal (and any pre-proposal or letter of intent), both internally and to the funding agency, are met. 

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