Roles and Responsibilities

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Roles and Responsibilities Table

PI Responsibilities

OSPA’s Role

Notify and provide the solicitation to OSPA
Proposal Notification System

Review RFP

Prepare grant proposal budget & budget justification

Review grant proposal budget & budget justification

Requests for cost share if required or necessary

Review all cost share (internal and third party)

Complete and obtain signatures on the Proposal Checklist form

Review all internal approval forms and obtain final signature

Obtaining required subaward documents (if applicable)

Retain subawardee documents in proposal file

Complete sponsor application and forms

Review completed application

Check for errors

Assist PI in correcting errors

Submit to OSPA Research Project Specialist:

  • Signed Proposal Checklist
  • OSPA budget and budget justification
  • Required Compliance Forms (if applicable)
  • Cost Share Forms (if applicable)
  • Subaward Documents (if applicable)
  • Electronic copy of the full proposal (all agency forms and attachments, if applicable)

DEADLINE:  Ten (10) full business days in advance of the agency deadline.

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