Proposal Updates / Resubmissions

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Proposal Updates

Agencies may request proposal updates for a number of reasons:

  • Missing information or errors
  • Budget revisions
  • Scope of work revision
  • Change in personnel

If you are contacted by a potential funding agency to update your proposal, please contact the OSPA Research Project Specialist assigned to your area to assist you with this process. 

Proposal Resubmissions

If your proposal is turned down by a funding agency, request the reviewers' comments and seek feedback from the program officer. If the agency discourages resubmission, consider finding an alternative funding source or modifying your project idea or approach. The program officer and your colleagues may be able to give you suggestions in this regard.

If the agency is encouraging about resubmission, please check agency guidelines for resubmission procedures.  Be sure to respond specifically to reviewers' comments in the revised proposal. Point out changes made to strengthen the proposal in the areas judged to be weak, and clarify information that may have been misinterpreted in the initial review. You can further help your cause by working closely with the program officer, being willing to rethink aspects of the project based on the agency's feedback, and being as objective as possible in revising the proposal.

See Resources for additional information.