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Does your project require HSC review?  Answer the following questions (click here for definitions):

  1. Is it Human Subjects?
    1. Will you be collecting data directly through intervention or interaction with people, such as interviews, procedures, or questionnaires?
    2. Will you be collecting data indirectly about individuals from an existing source of data?
    3. Will the data you collect be linkable to an individual by name or any other identifier, or by deductive reasoning?
    4. Will the data you collect be used now or at a later time as part of a research project?
    5. Does the data you plan to collect involve children, prisoners, persons with diminished mental capacity, persons in a residential program, or clients of a human service program?
  2. Is it Research?
    1. Is the intentof the project to conduct a systematic investigation in order to contribute to generalizable knowledge?  
    2. Is the project part of a written honors project, thesis, or dissertation or will the results of the research be published in a peer-reviewed journal?

If you answered “YES” to any question in part A, AND either question in part B, you MUST submit an application to the HSC for determination of review requirements.  If you are unsure if your research requires submission of an application, please contact the HSC office to discuss your project.  Failure to submit an application for research that requires Human Subjects Committee review can leave the researcher subject to liability and prevent the publication of the research results.

To submit a project for review, first familiarize yourself with the committee procedures and fill out and submit a Human Subjects Research Application. (Researchers, please note: Some aspects of the committee procedures have recently been revised; see the last three sections of that document in particular.)