Account Setup

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Account Setup

PI Responsibility

OSPA Responsibility

GCA Responsibility

  • Forwards Notice of Award to OSPA (if received)
  • Agrees to all terms and conditions, with emphasis on scope of work and deliverables
  • Ensures all required paperwork has been submitted and approved (Research Compliances, Cost Share, etc.), all approvals must be in place prior to account setup
  • Reviews, negotiates (if necessary), and accepts award on behalf of the University
  • Confirms that all required internal paperwork has been approved (Research Compliances, Cost Share, etc.)
  • Coordinates the award on the Proposal/Award Checklist and sends to GCA for review and account setup
  • Enters approved budget
  • Requests new account when project is funded

Advance Account Procedures

If a PI has received notice from a sponsor that a pending proposal has been selected for funding, before activity on the project can begin or costs may be incurred, an account should be set up. 
If the need exists to start project activity and incur costs in advance of final execution of the award document, a PI may initiate an advance account request.  Establishment of an advance account is approved by
the fiscal officer and resulting department and dean. 

To establish the advance account,  the PI must make send the following to

  • Verification from the sponsor that includes the award amount and a firm project start date,
  • A completed and approved Request to Establish an Advance Account Form,
  • A copy of the final approved Proposal Checklist (including a scope of work, budget, and budget justification). 

 Additional considerations:

  • The Request to Establish an Advance Account Form must include the budget purpose number that will be used if the proposal is not funded, has a different effective date, or if disallowed costs are incurred during the advance period.  The Fiscal Officer of this guaranteeing account must approve the advance account request.
  • Unless there are unusual circumstances, the advance account should be limited to three months with an appropriate budget to cover this time period.
  • If the approvals as defined above, and required information are not received, the advance account cannot be released.