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Typically close out documents include:

  • Final Financial Report
    • Grant & Contract Accounting prepares and submits most financial reports that are required by the funding agency.
    • It is the Fiscal Officer/PI’s responsibility to ensure all project costs have been posted.
    • Fiscal Officer is responsible for reviewing and approving final financial report.
  • Final Technical Report
    • The principal investigator is responsible for preparing and submitting the final technical report required by the funding agency. This is an important obligation used to monitor and evaluate the project.
    • Failing to turn in reports on a timely basis can result in the agency delaying or suspending final payments on the grant or contract. It also can jeopardize possible future funding from the agency, not just for the PI involved but for other researchers at the University as well.
    • Check your award agreement to be sure you know when the final reports are due, what information is required, and what format is specified by the agency.
  • Report of Inventions
    • Notify OSPA that report is required. 
    • PI certifies whether an invention resulted from the project. 
    • OSPA will complete and submit the required report to the funding agency.
  • Final Property Reports
    • Contact your assignee at Grant and Contract Accounting.