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OSPA Assists and Supports SIU's Researcher Community throughout the Award Lifecycle.




Notice of Award



Usually comes to OSPA, but occasionally to PI.  PI should send notice & accompanying documents to OSPA.

OSPA Review


OSPA reviews the award documents.



If there are terms in the award agreement that the University cannot accept, OSPA will attempt to negotiate more favorable terms.



OSPA will accept the award on behalf of the University and the PI(s).

Account Setup


After a fully executed agreement has been received, OSPA will send the appropriate documents to Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) for account setup.  All compliance approvals must be in place before the PI will have access to funds.

Commence Project Work


PI performs the work described in the proposal and approved by the funding agency.



GCA will assist with final financial reports.  PI prepares final project report.  OSPA approves final project report and provides University signature, if required by the funding agency.

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