Modify my Project

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Sponsored projects involve formal agreements between the funding agency and the University, so modifications may require prior agency approval.  In these situations, OSPA will work with the PI and the funding agency to secure any necessary approvals. 

Use the following table to determine how to proceed with modifications:


Action Contact
Budget adjustments between approved budget lines GCA for determination of allowability and if agency approval is required (see below)
No-cost extension OSPA (see below)
Purchases of equipment not included in agency approved budget GCA
Scope of work change OSPA
Key Personnel/PI Change OSPA (see below)
Addition of subawards OSPA

Additional information regarding rebudgeting, no-cost extensions and PI/Key Personnel changes: 

Rebudgeting of project funds:

  • Contact the assignee for your area at Grant & Contract Accounting.
  • GCA will review the request to determine if appropriate and if agency approval is required.
  • PI prepares formal request using funding agency approved format which may include:
    • Justification for the request including why the funds are available for transfer
    • Dollar amount to be transferred between budget line items
    • Final revised budget
  • After request has been reviewed and approved by GCA, it is forwarded to the OSPA research project specialist assigned to your area.
  • OSPA will obtain the authorized institutional signature and will forward the request directly to the funding agency.

No-cost extensions:

  • A no-cost extension is a modification that involves no change in the scope of work and no additional funding. Simply put, additional time is needed to complete the project.
  • The extension is handled through OSPA. Contact the OSPA research project specialist assigned to your college for assistance.
  • A programmatic reason must be provided to OSPA for review.  A programmatic reason explains why additional time is needed to complete original project objectives, not to spend out remaining funds.
  • A No-Cost Extension justification form is available here.

PI/Key Personnel Change:

  • A change in PI/Key Personnel often involves prior approval of the sponsoring agency and is handled through OSPA.  Contact the OSPA Research Project Specialist assigned to your college for assistance.
  • Submit Request for Change in PI form along with appropriate documentation to OSPA for review.
  • Submit revised budget if change will result in increased/decreased match commitments.