Transfer my Project

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  • If you are an incoming faculty member bringing a grant to SIU:
    • Contact the Sponsored Projects Office at the institution you are leaving, they initiate the grant transfer
    • Contact the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration as soon as you know you are transferring to SIU 
    • Consider equipment purchased by the grant funding and make any appropriate arrangements to have equipment purchased with the project funding follow the grant
    • Each funding agency has grant transfer requirements.  It is best to start early to make sure each requirement is handled and the grant is transferred in time for you to begin your research at the new institution.
  • If you are an SIUC principal investigator who has accepted a position at another institution, contact Sonjie Schwartz at OSPA. There are established procedures for transferring the grant or contract or subcontracting funding from SIU to another institution, which include:
    • Obtaining internal SIU approvals for transferring all or part of the grant to another institution
    • Obtaining approvals and other required documents from the new institution that will receive the grant
    • Obtaining internal SIU approvals for transferring any of the equipment purchased with the grant funds
    • Obtaining approvals from the funding agency for the transfer or addition of a subaward to the new institution.