Undergraduate Student Research

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One advantage of attending a comprehensive research university such as SIUC is the opportunity to participate in research, working one-on-one with faculty and graduate students. "Research" may be conducted in any discipline, from science to the arts; we define it broadly as inquiry, discovery, and creation of new knowledge and new perspectives about the world. SIUC offers research opportunities for undergraduates at all levels.

  • REACH: Research Enriched Academic Challenge
     Makes competitive one-year grants to carry out a research, scholarly, or creative-arts project under the guidance of a faculty or staff mentor. Also sponsors an Undergraduate Research Forum, open to all undergraduates, every spring.

  • McNair Scholars Program The federally funded Ronald McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program prepares first-generation-college/low-income and underrepresented minority students for doctoral study. It includes an emphasis on research and an intensive Summer Research Institute.

  • Other Resources

    • University Honors, which offers a thesis option based on a research project and which helps students learn to compete successfully for major scholarships and fellowships.

    • SPEAR (Students Promoting Education and Research), an RSO that "aims to stimulate interest in research and graduate studies...and to provide personal and professional development activities."

    • The Council on Undergraduate Research, which offers programs and publications to promote undergraduate research participation and to help faculty involve undergraduates in research. CUR also posts peer-reviewed articles published by undergraduates and maintains a registry to match up undergraduates with graduate schools that reflect their interests.