Undergraduate Student Research

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One advantage of attending a comprehensive research university such as SIUC is the opportunity to participate in research, working one-on-one with faculty and graduate students. "Research" may be conducted in any discipline, from science to the arts; we define it broadly as inquiry, discovery, and creation of new knowledge and new perspectives about the world. SIUC offers research opportunities for undergraduates at all levels.

  • REACH: Research Enriched Academic Challenge
     Makes competitive one-year grants to carry out a research, scholarly, or creative-arts project under the guidance of a faculty or staff mentor. Also sponsors an Undergraduate Research Forum, open to all undergraduates, every spring.

  • Creative and Scholarly Saluki Rookies
    Provides funds on a competitive basis for high-achieving freshmen interested in conducting research and learning more about their intended major. Working with a faculty mentor, students plan a research project in fall semester to be carried out the following spring.

  • McNair Scholars Program The federally funded Ronald McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program prepares first-generation-college/low-income and underrepresented minority students for doctoral study. It includes an emphasis on research and an intensive Summer Research Institute.

  • Illinois Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
    This statewide coalition funded by the National Science Foundation aims to increase the number of underrepresented minority students in science, mathematics, and engineering. It provides paid, mentored research experiences for undergraduates.

  • Undergraduate Assistantships
    This SIUC program gives students paraprofessional experience in their chosen fields. Although not a research program per se, about 80% of the positions are research-oriented. Also note that many grant programs hire student workers.

  • Other Resources

    • University Honors, which offers a thesis option based on a research project and which helps students learn to compete successfully for major scholarships and fellowships.

    • SPEAR (Students Promoting Education and Research), an RSO that "aims to stimulate interest in research and graduate studies...and to provide personal and professional development activities."

    • The Council on Undergraduate Research, which offers programs and publications to promote undergraduate research participation and to help faculty involve undergraduates in research. CUR also posts peer-reviewed articles published by undergraduates and maintains a registry to match up undergraduates with graduate schools that reflect their interests.