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NIH Just-in-Time Procedures

NIH uses Just-in-Time procedures for certain programs and award mechanisms (each FOA will include specific guidance on the use). These procedures allow certain elements of an application to be submitted later in the application process, after review and when the application is under consideration for funding.

Applicants will be notified (primarily by e-mail) when Just-in-Time information is needed. Applicants should only submit this information when requested. Information must be submitted electronically using the Just-in-Time feature in the eRA Commons.

JIT Checklist:

  • Other SupportInformation on other active and pending support will be requested as part of the Just-in-Time other support information, which is requested for all individuals designated in an application as senior/key personnel. Other support includes all resources made available to a researcher in support of and/or related to all their research endeavors, regardless of whether they have monetary value and regardless of whether they are based at the institution the researcher identifies for the current grant. 
  • Certification of IRB ApprovalIf the proposed project involves human subjects research, a certification to NIH that all non-exempt human subjects research has been reviewed and approved by an appropriate IRB must be submitted. Pending or expired approvals are not acceptable. See Public Policy Requirements/Human Subjects for additional information.
  • Verification of IACUC Approval. If the proposed project involves research with live vertebrate animals, verification of the date of IACUC approval of those sections of the application that involve use of vertebrate animals along with any IACUC-imposed changes must be submitted. Pending or out-of-date approvals are not acceptable. See Public Policy Requirements/Animal Welfare for additional information.
  • Human Subjects Education Requirement. If the proposed project involves human subjects research, certification that any person identified as senior/key personnel involved in human subjects research has completed an education program in the protection of human subjects must be submitted. See Public Policy Requirements/Human Subjects/Education in the Protection of Human Research Participants for additional information.
  • Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs). If the proposed project involves hESCs and the applicant did not identify a hESC line from the NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry in the application, the line(s) should be included in the Just-in-Time.
  • Genomic Data Sharing Institutional Certification. If the proposed project involves a Genomic Data Sharing Plan, the certification form and directions for completing it are available on the GDS Data Sharing website: This certification should be submitted as an "other upload" in the eRA Commons Just-in-Time.
  • My Bibliography Report of Publications. For renewal applicants to research training programs, a My Bibliography Report of Publications arising from work conducted by trainees while supported by the training grant will be requested as Just-in-Time information prior to award. This should be submitted as an "other upload" in the eRA Commons Just-in-Time.
  • Other Information Requested by the Awarding ICNIH ICs may also request additional Just-in-Time information on a case-by-case basis, such as revised budgets or changes to the human subjects or vertebrate animal sections of the application. These changes should be submitted as an "other upload" file in the eRA Commons Just-in-Time.