Limited Submission Programs

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OSPA will explore various websites for limited submission opportunities from our primary funding agencies.  Once a limited submission opportunity has been identified, OSPA will make every effort to have them posted on our website the same week.  However, please be aware that the list is not comprehensive.  Any SIUC researcher who wishes to apply to a limited submission opportunity that is not posted on our website should contact OSPA immediately.  OSPA will review the guidelines, establish an appropriate internal deadline, and post the opportunity on our website.


To facilitate a fair decision process, researchers wanting to apply to a limited-submission program are required to submit a Limited Submission Notification form and pre-proposal to OSPA at least 60 calendar days before the agency deadline (regardless of whether the deadline is for letters of intent or for full proposals).   Exceptions for specific programs, if any, will be announced on our web site or in Research Matters.

The pre-proposal should consist of:

  • 2-page project description describing the scope of the project, expected/intended outcomes, the personnel involved, and existing resources;
  • 1-page budget;
  • 2-page curriculum vitae.

Internal Review:

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research will oversee proposal selection.  OSPA will notify all applicants of the committee’s decision. 

If the number of notifications received by the 60-day deadline does NOT exceed the limit, OSPA will take any subsequent notification forms on a first-come, first-accepted basis. When the program limit is reached, no further notifications will be accepted and submissions will be closed.


If the selected applicant withdraws his or her proposal, the applicant who received the next highest ranking from the committee will be notified that s/he may submit a proposal.

Submissions without approval:

If a PI submits a proposal without following these procedures and does not get approval to submit, the University reserves the right to withdraw the application.