Methods of Submission

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Methods of Submission
Methods of Submission
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  • OSPA either submits the proposal or (depending on agency guidelines) requires the PI to submit.
  • For legal reasons, PIs are not to submit proposals without OSPA authorization.
  • Make sure to send the electronic application to your OSPA research project specialist for troubleshooting as soon as possible, but at least three weeks prior to the sponsor deadline (the earlier the better).  
  • Remember, even when the agency requires PIs to submit their own proposals, OSPA approval is required first.

Hard Copy

  • If requested, OSPA will mail the proposal if received 12 business days prior to agency deadline.
  • If the proposal is received by OSPA less than 10 business days prior to the agency deadline, mailing is your responsibility as PI.
  • Important:
    • The PI is responsible for photocopying any hard copies required by the funding agency.
    • The PI is responsible for paying postage for mailing the application and must supply an account number to charge for the postage if OSPA is doing the mailing.
    • OSPA will send copies of the signed proposal to the PIs and department chair electronically in PDF format. 

Special Note (Withdrawal)

  • When a PI brings a proposal too late for adequate review, the director of OSPA may agree to sign the proposal to meet the agency deadline but reserves the right to withdraw it from agency consideration if it does not meet University requirements.


For information on agency specific submission portals and examples, please see the Resources section.